The Happy-Me Philosophy PlaybOOK

5 Simple Ideas To Live By.
Create Your Happy-Me Philosophy Or Follow Mine

Idea 1 - Your Billion $ Brain

You are in possession of a billion dollar brain. Nobody will ever be able to work out your full potential.

Trust in this brain and start to test it's power. Learn the magic and surprise everyone with your capabilities.

Idea 2 - What You Think About You Become

This is a universal law. It's been proven over and over again.

When you fully understand this law you become very wary of what you are thinking about.

Scrap the negative thoughts and get on target with your thinking.

Idea 3 - Create Don't Compete

This is the easiest idea to understand but maybe the hardest to implement.

Stop competing, be yourself and create, create, create.

Whatever it is you need to create to be happy then create that.

Idea 4 - Trust The Feel

This idea was almost called just do right. Infact it may change to that.

But trust the feel. You know what you need to do. Do that.
How does it feel when you are doing what you should be doing. How will it feel when achieve your goal.

Idea 4 - 4 Rules To Great Self-Esteem

Rule 1 - Forgive Them
Rule 2 - Forgive Yourself
Rule 3 - Be The Best You
Rule 4 - Go At Your Pace