Being ultra competitive seems to be your badge of honour. You love to tell people “I’m so competitive”  that’s your get out of jail clause for being a bad loser or just a dick to be around during competition. It’s an excuse for being stroppy hours after the competition ended. I know because that’s exactly how I used to be.

Truth is though you’ve chosen the wrong opponent. It’ s not the guy who’s after your job, the guy at the other side of the tennis court, football pitch or card game whatever you are calling the competition.


The only competition and opponent you have is the space monkey inside your head. The miserable inner voice that beats you up and tells you-you are only any good if you win, if you break a record or if you are the saviour of the company.

Now there’s the real opponent in your competition.

The voice that drags you down when you are losing and takes all the credit when you are winning. The voice that is scared to tell your friends what happens when it goes bad, but fires off in your head about all the things it’s going to tell them when you get ahead. The voice that is always making plans for self-promotion and if it doesn’t work out it’s going to beat you up for the rest of the day.

Take dead aim at the real opponent if you want to be competitive. Always question the crap it comes out with. Get fascinated by your real competition, understand who it really is, where that voice really comes from. Then pound it to the ground and submit it back into the darkness where it belongs.

When you’re true inner voice arrives you’ll understand you are a creative powerful team. Living on the same page, believing in the same goals and creating magic together every day.  There’s no competition for those two great creators. They know whatever happens creativity beats competition every time.

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