Word Of The Day -absquatulate



North American 

no object, with adverbial Leave abruptly.

EXAMPLES IN USE: Credit Oxford Living Dictionaries

  • ‘some overthrown dictator who had absquatulated to the USA’
  • ‘When I find out where Colonel Prosyonni went when he absquatulated, it will be a moot point.’
  • ‘One of the drug runners somehow escaped into the brush and Moss discovers him dead in the catclaw with a satchel stuffed with $2.5 million cash with which Moss absquatulates.’
  • ‘Paul was middle aged and a successful London financier with teenage children when he absquatulated to Paris to become a painter.’
  • ‘He [an old bull-walrus] heard us, and lazily awakening, raised his head and prepared to absquatulate.’
  • ‘This line aroused such fury in the local church matrons that Mark Twain thought it was time ‘to get lost – so I absquatulated.’’
  • ‘The hotel manager figures the only way out is to absquatulate with some of the mobster’s money and the mobster’s wife; the mobster thinks the hotel manager and the wife should indeed absquatulate.’
  • ‘It is particularly fun in conjunction with absquatulate, as in ‘I shall now absquatulate without further cunctation.’’
  • ‘Actually, absquatulate means to leave hurriedly, with the implication that one is being pursued.’
  • ‘America did not gain its preeminent status in the global economy by putting its tail between its legs and wimpishly absquatulating into the cozy embrace of socialism every time a foreign competitor offered lower cost or greater quality.’
  • ‘I figured he had absquatulated with my money and to chalk this up to experience.’
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