Somedays you’ll wake up feeling out of whack with the world and yourself. If you’re like me it’s probably a Monday morning. A day when you just don’t feel at it.

Golf has taught me to reset though. Every hole, and even, every shot needs my full attention. No matter what has happened on the previous shot I have to reset to confident me.

After a three-putt or wayward drive that would be obvious, but it’s actually more needed after the good holes. Resetting from great is harder, the buzz is harder to control.

But reset we must if we want to stay on track to the best score we can shoot for the day.

Just take a breath, think about the day you were in control and confident. Locked into your goal and ready to go for it. Relax back to being that person.

Enjoy your new day. Go get them today! You are already great now reset and prove it.

Always remember – It’s Happy-Me, not Happy-Them. You are not a Space Monkey, make sure you are on your rocket not someone else’s. Finally – The Buck Stops Here.

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