If you spend 10 minutes every night watching videos of Rory Mcilroy and Dustin Johnson hitting drivers down beautiful looking fairways, you’re probably going to feel like your driver isn’t long enough, and worse, your golf course isn’t pretty enough.

After all, they have huge athletic drives that simply make you feel inferior. They also play the most beautiful courses in the world and that makes you jealous too, you begin to think the courses around you are ugly and not worth the effort to play so don’t bother.

So what can you do?

Spend some time googling to find a solution to your short driver and look for the prettiest courses in your area? Although no matter what you find, nothing seems to make you feel like your driver is long enough or getting longer. You daren’t message the pretty golf courses as you think they will be out of your price league too.

Or, and this is the reality.

Open your eyes to what is really happening. Has any of your playing partners mentioned to you that your driver isn’t long enough? Do they say that? Do they go on about previous partners and constantly tell you how long their driver was? If the answer to that is yes then find a new partner.

If the answer is no then just stop worrying about it, your driver length is just fine.
Concentrate on the rest of your game making sure your playing partners are happy.

Truth is, Rory and Dustin are freaks of nature, not the norm, and watching the freaks at work isn’t doing you any favours. In fact, the way they play wouldn’t keep your partners happy either, they’d be way too aggressive towards your partners for them to find the experience fun, so don’t play that way either. It’s a movie, not real golf.

So like anything on Happy-Me Golf stop putting images in your mind that makes you feel inferior. Instead, fire up your own imagination. Imagine driving the ball long and straight down the middle of the exact fairway you’d like to drive up. Imagine your ideal scenario in your head, driving down a lovely course near you. Maybe go for breakfast there before you play and enjoy hanging out with your partners first. The whole experience, not just the first drive.

This is your movie, your life and you are the star. Stop watching other people’s movies if they don’t inspire you to feel better about yourself, watch things that make you grow in other areas.

Always remember. You are not a Space Monkey. This is your rocket and you can decide to fly it anywhere you want. It’s Happy-Me not Happy-Me them. Finally, if you don’t like where you are, you can move, you are not a tree – after all The Buck Stops Here.

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