Stop worrying what everyone else is interested in and focus on what interests you.
That is what will guide you to your calling, that thing you really want to be.

Look, it’s not an easy road to your dreams but if you’re on the wrong road now it’s time to get off it.
If what you do doesn’t fascinate you then it’s not for you. If it’s what everyone else thinks you should do but you don’t, it’s not for you.

I’m not saying quit your job today because you think it’s boring. You still need to pay the bills with that money at the moment.
I’m saying pay attention to what you find yourself focusing on, that thing that would be your Mastermind specialist subject. You will be able to make it a career no matter what it may be.

What interests you is for you. Not for anyone else.
And the same is true for them.

Find it, be fascinated by it, so you become a true expert in your chosen field.
Now go for it.

Remember – You are not a space monkey! so get off someone else’s rocket and climb aboard your own.
And – It’s Happy-Me! Not Happy-Them – The Buck Stops Here

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